Great Neck South - Class of 1981


Classmates offer products and services that might be beneficial to others. The purpose of this page is to bring awareness of those products and services. If you would like your info listed or your website linked, please submit your info to Bruno Dosso.

Information below was from 2011, might not be accurate as of today.

Joe Rice
Bike Shop Owner (Utah)
  Regina Hugo-Pagles
Computer Consulting
Paul Mistretta - Island Wide Technology
Lysa Lopater
Tom Cutrofello
  Valerie Summers Aronson
John Shahinian
Financial Services
Anthony Johnson - Edward Jones
Scott Prince - Eton Park
Food Tours and Events
Joyce Weinberg - New York Food Tours
Graphic Design
Barbara Cooper Samimi
Health Services
Dr. Chris Hafner Eaton 301-594-5952
  NIH Health Science Policy Analyst
Legal Services
  David Bass
  Hallie Kostrinsky Brown
  Fred Rosenberg - Brown Rudnick
  John Chung - Korea
  Ed Reines
Joe Dobrow
Marc Handelman
Real Estate
Spencer Ain
  Bob Schneiderman - (Commercial R.E.)
Veterinary Services
Karen Hyman Cantor - West Side Vet Center
Website Services

  Bruno Dosso -


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